Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Shiseido Day Moisture Protection Review

I was browsing the magazine racks in Sainsbury's recently (wasting time waiting for my pharmacy prescription) when Marie Claire happened to catch my eye - this months issue comes with samples of Shiseido 'The Skincare' range. I think there was a facial cleanser, night time moisturiser and maybe another moisturising product to choose from as well. 
Anyway seeing as the magazine was only £2 I thought I would pick one up as I am always interested in trying out higher end products when I can.

I usually use the 125ml Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser every day, it does the job well and only costs around £3. A 75ml bottle of Shiseido The Skincare Day Moisture Protection would set you back around £46, which in my opinion is seriously steep!

First of all, I was surprised at how runny it is, which makes it a little hard to pour out the exact amount you need. It spreads out surprisingly well and you need less than you would think. It does feel very moisturising and good for the skin, however a little greasier/more oily than I am used to. Lastly, I really like the scent, it smells exactly like when you smell a flower up close (I am a bit weird at describing smells.)

Overall I do like the moisturiser, it feels and smells good, hasn't broken me out or caused any other problems... but would I pay £46 for a moisturiser? The answer is still no! Have you tried any of the samples in this months Marie Claire or any other Shiseido products? xx

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  1. I've never tried any of their products but have heard so much about them in the blogosphere!

    Like you said though the price is a little excessive, I mean I do buy high end products but only the ones I know are really worth it. They have to have amazing effects on my skin for me to spend that type of money, that's why I love samples!