Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Primark Embellish Review!

Hello! I bought the Primark 3D nails set the other day just to give it a go, you will probably be able to tell from the photo that I'm definitely not great at painting nails, nor are my nails in particularly good condition :( I don't bite them unless I'm really stressed but they're very weak and tend to break off in layers. Add that to my fingers being abnormally long and my nails starting quite far down, they don't have much of a chance to grow long and pretty. (Nail experts please comment with any wisdom you can share!) 

So whilst I can say professional nail tutorials definitely won't be on the cards any time soon, I will at least have a crack now and again and show you all the results.

The coloured varnish is a kind of raspberry red/pink, and it only took 2 coats to get an even finish. I used a little plastic tray to hold my nail over as I sprinkled the beads over my chosen 'accent' nail. I had to fill in some gaps by carefully placing individual beads by hand, which was quite tricky. In the time it took to put the beads on, the varnish begun to dry making it harder to get the beads to stick. The above photo shows what I managed to do but seeing as I'm a novice I'm sure it would look heaps better with practise. I like that the set included a little funnel so you can pour the excess beads back into the bottle.

Once the nails were all dry, I realised how easily the beads fall off. I could have tried putting a coat of clear varnish over the top to set them, but I ended up taking them all off and just painting glitter over the nail instead to make life easier. 

Overall I like the effect and think it would look lovely on someone else's (nicer shaped) nails! You could also use the beads with loads of other colour nail polishes other than what comes in the set. 

Thanks for reading! Have you tried the Primark 3D nails or anything similar? xox


  1. Oh what a cool manicure!Want to follow each other on gfc and fb?

  2. ive used the MUA ones & really liked them :D X X X

  3. I really want to try this look, I've heard that MUA does it! Xx

  4. Looks so pretty! shame the beads didn't last hopefully a clear coat would of done the trick x

  5. Looks nice, shame about the beads x

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