Monday, 29 April 2013

All Time Favourite Youtubers!

I have been watching Youtube on an almost daily basis for many years now, and it was through discovering the 'beauty gurus' that I actually discovered the world of blogging.

There are a lot of now very well known beauty gurus that I first started out watching, who I really loved! However I have fallen out of love with a few of these Youtubers as I found that as they gained more success they seemed to ditch the content I enjoyed watching (such as drugstore makeup reviews, tutorials, high street clothing hauls) in favour of ridiculously expensive high end or niche products that I could never realistically afford. I'm not saying I don't enjoy watching high end product videos at all, but I would only follow a channel if they included some lower priced/NORMAL PERSON products, so that I can actually relate to them!

I have also found that some of the videos now just seem extremely commercialised, scripted and cringey  which I don't like as I don't see it as real. So if you notice that I have missed out some well known youtubers from my list below, it is probably due to either of those reasons ... but that is only my personal opinion and they clearly have thousands of subscribers who do not share my opinion :)

Here is a list of links to all of my current favourite Youtubers, I love discovering new channels so please leave a comment with your favourite channels and Youtubers so I can check them out! xx

And a few music channels I enjoy:


  1. I couldn't agree more, many of them have become all about sponsored videos that I don't know what's real or fake anymore! But I agree with you clothesencounters, dollybowbow, and beautycrush are all amazing!
    Some others I enjoy are thefashioncitizen, shopvagabondyouth, and Erica Fae!

    1. Yes and although some do a 'disclaimer' that they were sent products for free, it makes me think their review is going to be pretty biased. ooh i will check them out:) xx

  2. I don't tend to watch youtubers that much, but I'll definitely be checking out some of the one's you've recommended! Sad to hear that some of them are getting very commercialised and scripted though.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
    Helen at

    1. Luckily there are still some good channels out there :) thanks hun xx

  3. Oh my gosh, I love Estee from Essiebutton, and Sam from Beautycrush! And pixiwoo! I also really like watching Zoella, she's great, you should look her up :) Tanya Burr is also fab, she's the girlfriend to the pixiwoo sisters' brother. lol you might've known that. Your blog is so cute. I'd love to follow each other! I am following you now, hopefully you come and visit my blog!

    jen xx

  4. Ciao Bella,
    Love your blog and blogging style... awesome photos that you have here!!
    I hope that you don't mind, but I started following your blog. It would mean the world to me if you also followed me back.
    Thanks so much.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  5. Nice informations! Great post, I like it! : )