Sunday, 13 January 2013

Look Beauty Haul

I purchased these Look Books on a total whim having never tried anything from Look Beauty before. I kind of instantly regretted it after buying them because I didn't know what to expect...  but they were half price, and I thought well what better way to try a brand out for the first time? For 15 quid I get a (full size!) bit of everything and I definitely think I got my moneys worth.
How To... Glow, Bronze and Sculpt £9
How To... Power Lashes £6

Out of everything I got in the boxes,the Glow & Go highlighter is my favourite by far.It has just the right amount of shimmer to catch the light and a tiny bit goes a long way, so I can tell the 35ml tube is going to last me absolutely ages. 
Make Me Blush in Rose a really pretty peachy pink powder blush with a hint of gold shimmer, which looks lovely when worn with the highlighter too. 
The Flirty Flick eyeliner is well pigmented and I found the  brush made it very easy to create my usual flicks.
As for the false lashes, although I haven't applied them yet there is no mistaking that I could easily spend 8 quid on two pairs from Eyelure, whereas the whole Power Lashes set cost £6, what a bargain! Even if the glue doesn't turn out to be great I can always use my own glue.

Although the Holiday Glow bronzer is so pretty in the palette, it looks a tad too orange on my skin which is a shame - maybe when I have fake tanned I can put it to some use. 
However the 'Oomph Lashes' mascara was the let down of the bunch. When I opened it to try it out it looked like there was no product on the brush, and trying to apply it was hopeless as it was nearly completely dry. I don't know whether it would have been the same if I had bought it separately - if so I would have been even more disappointed! I know for a fact that you can get a decent inexpensive mascara, my £2 MUA Extreme Curl being a prime example. 
Finally, I also think it would have been better to leave the face brush out altogether  because I've never felt a brush that scratchy and horrible before, it also fell apart in my hands for no apparent reason. I can't imagine any one wanting to use it which is such a waste... straight into the bin!

Nevertheless, I'm pleased that I bought the boxes and have now delved into a new make up brand. Everything from is still half price and I really want to try out the Fresh Cheeks cream blush after seeing a lot of hype around it! Have you tried any Look Beauty products and what do you think of the brand? xox


  1. That looks like a gorgeous set! :) And yeah I just LOVE Ebay! so many cool stuff and so inexpensive ha ha! & glad your're enjoying your course! I was going to do Business instead of Soc, but yeah the finance bit did scare me off a little ha ha! I loved marketing as well :) I am planning to start a graduate scheme of some sort and then go from there, to be fair I like all the jobs that come out of sociology e.g. marketing, advisory jobs, design etc... :) how about you? are the essays hard?
    Hamida X

    1. Yeah sounds like a good choice you made and knowing you aren't limited to one particular path :) I have no idea what I want to do, I'd like to try something office based because I'm fed up of retail haha. I don't get a lot of essays luckily but the majority of grades come from exams which sucks just as bad xx

  2. Ahh, I need to start investing in these kinds of things, I love make-up but I always just buy it off the high-street, there really are some great deals online! Haven't come across many UK blog's so HI from birmingham :D

    1. Definitely, buying big sets online when they're discounted can save sooo much money compared to buying stuff individually:) hi from hertfordshire! xx

  3. this kit looks amazing! Especially those lashes, perfect for a night out. So good for only £15 as well! :) xx

  4. Yeah they are actually really good quality, I'm just not sure about the glue yet :) xx

  5. I never tried Look's makeup but that eyelashes kit looks great. x

  6. After reading this, I checked the mascara I have ordered from them and arrived 2 weeks ago, luckily they are not dry! Yay! Btw, I love fresh cheeks!

    A new follower here!